Friday, July 6, 2012

Edging Past Reality update

Due to a number of circumstances, the paper version of Edging Past Reality has ceased publication. If you check the Amazon page, you will see that there are still some places offering it for mind-pukingly outrageous prices. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw - from $67.11 to $172.54 (used copies $8.99 (not complaining about that) up to $67.12)!

I assure you I had no say, nor do I receive any profit from their greed. If anyone still wants a paper copy, let me know ~ I've got a box-and-a-half worth sitting in my office ~ and I promise not to charge more than face value. I'll even sign 'em so they might be worth something when I cease to publicate (Did I just make up a new word?).

I want to thank all of you wonderful readers who made EPR such a success. Just to keep you informed, I'm working on a new collection of short stories that will hopefully be ready for publication sometime this fall.  Oh yeah ~ and for those of you with e-readers - EPR is still available as a download.