Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bloomington Writers' Festival & Book Fair

This Saturday, March 23rd, (yup, the day after tomorrow ~ damn, time sure does fly) the Bloomington Theater and Art Center is hosting its 10th Annual Writers' Festival and Book Fair. This will be my fourth straight year of selling my books at the fair. But something is different this year. For the first time I will be on a panel. Its title: Pathways to Getting Your Book Published. Tom Keyes will be moderating. Besides myself, June Anderson, Steve Filippini, and Mark Munger will be rounding out the panel. I must admit that I'm a bit excited to be sharing the table with such distinguished publishers and writers. The panel starts at 11:00 and runs 'til noon. Afterward, I'll be back at my table pimpin' my books. I'd love to have you stop by and chat. The festival starts at 9:30 and runs 'til 5:00. For more information go to

Unfortunately, I will not have a new book out for this book fair. But there is good news. I just completed a new book of short stories and sent it off to a publisher for consideration. I'm still torn between having it go through a publishing company or self publishing (hmmm, maybe I should attend the panel rather than be in it), but I'm definitely interested in what they have to say. I've spoken with the publisher and have gotten some pretty good vibes. If they decline or I can't work out a deal, I'll most likely go the self publishing route. If that's the case, the book should be available within a couple of months. If they are interested and we work out a deal, it'll be a lot longer than that.  I'll keep you informed.