Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's up and running

I am thrilled!  My revamped website is now online.  Take a gander and I'm sure you'll agree that Miriam did a great job.  We'll be communicating to work out the chinks that might arise, along with continuing updates and improvements.  Please, dear readers, if there's anything you want to see posted, email me and let me know.  Thank you all for your continued support. It's really much appreciated.

I also want to thank those of you who've been asking about Spyder.  I recently received an email from L&L Dreamspell.  Although they are running a bit behind and in this economy took a big hit financially, they assured me Spyder will be released, just not as soon as we all were hoping, including them.  So all I can say is please be patient.  It will be worth the wait.   ;  )

Friday, November 26, 2010

New updated web site on the way

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope you all had a joyous feast.  Okay, enough of the social banter, time to get down to business ~

As you no doubt have heard me whine about before, I am not the what one would call cutting edge on my knowledge of the internet.  That's why I'm thrilled that my good friend, Miriam Attias, has graciously accepted the task of updating my website.  I've seen some of the changes she suggested and am getting stoked to see it come to fruition.  One of the many changes will be you'll be able to order books straight from my website using PayPal (for any of you who might want an autographed copy).  Another big change will include changing my blog location to  As nice and convenient as it was to blog (what little I did in the blogging department) at my own site, at I'm hoping for a wider exposure.  To all of you wonderful people who have subscribed to my blog, the only difference will be a 'follow' button and if you still want to be notified with a new posting, there is also a 'follow by email' button.  When the new website is up and running there will be a link to take you right here.   And as far as blogging goes, I hope to make the blog more entertaining by having occasional guest authors stop by and visit, along with a book review every now and then.  And I really do promise that I'll post more often then previously so you'll still know what I'm up to, and of course, my little amazing tidbits of wisdom.  So, until the new site is up and running, I'll post this at the new and old.  For all of you wonderful people who have followed me, I look forward to seeing you at  I also look forward to seeing bunches of new friends.